SAÓ Viajes Naturales is one of the first sustainable travel operators in Spain. Green Travel Spain is the brand of SAÓ as an incoming travel agency for those who want to discover the most sustainable Spain. We are committed to the health and well-being of our travellers. We specialise in personalised attention and the design of unique, premium and authentic tailor-made experiences, in Spain, always ensuring that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs benefit from the effects of sustainable tourism in Spain.

Winners of the Sustainable Tourism Company Award 2019 awarded by the Generalitat Valenciana, travellers will find in Green Travel Spain another way of doing tourism, living experiences in first person by the hand of local professionals of each destination, getting involved in the culture and traditions and promoting contact with nature under the respect it deserves.


Because at GREEN TRAVEL SPAIN you will find another way to travel. Because we offer you the highest quality in Spain through leisure and tourism proposals that connect you with ecological gastronomy, wellness experiences, great trips that ensure Sustainable Tourism, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs but great connoisseurs of their territory... proposals that can be enjoyed through one-day experiences, close to your home but far from the conventional, getaways with accommodation or great trips in which, in addition, we can offset your carbon footprint.

We guarantee personalised attention on all your trips

We help with the promotion of sustainable tourism in the destinations.

We collaborate with NGOs and Associations in your trips and travels.

Our value

Leisure and tourism proposals in Spain based on ecological products, with a high natural or ethnographic value, healthy and unique experiences for the most conscientious travellers without sacrificing the highest levels of quality and service. Premium Eco Trips.


To offer its clients leisure and tourism proposals that respect the values of health, ecology and social respect.


To become the international benchmark in the online marketing of green, healthy and sustainable travel.

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